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Thread: movies you watched today

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    Vette, How to Train your Dragon 2 was BETTER than the first. It left me VERY impatient for the final piece of the trilogy!!

    I also saw Edge of Tomorrow recently, and it was really good!

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    Thank you for your reply ^^

    makes me wanna see it even more now. youre now the second person to have said pretty much the samething about it. however in my tiny town out in the middle of no where in Washington doesnt have How to Train Your Dragon 2in theater just yet QQ

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    I finally got a chance to watch "Rush".

    Ron Howard did an incredible job with the movie. It is NOT family friendly, as he captures the atmosphere around the F-1 circuit as well as covering the actual racing. The cinematography is absolutely excellent, and the actors playing Niki Lauda and James Hunt hit their roles spot on. The closing shot of the current-day Niki Lauda is just an example of the detail in the movie. It will be going on the DVD purchase list, it's well worth it.
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    Just saw "The Good Liar" on Saturday. There is a plot twist that I didn't see coming- I'm not good at suspense! But I really wanted to see it for Sir Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren together.
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    fghoieks Guest
    I just got done watching 'So I Married an Ax Murderer' . Haven't seen it in years. Only now I have the song "There She Goes" stuck in my head.

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    I just got done watching a episode of the Nature Collection called "The Rise of the Black Wolf"
    its about.... well... a black wolf but hes very puppy/goofy like an was a joy to watch

    i guess it doesnt really fall under the movie category but its just one episode so thought i would mention it.

    also Snakemama:
    you were right! i like the 2nt movie more than the first

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    The Call of the Wild. its a deja vu story of White Fang; Balto an Togo rolled into one.
    was okay one time around for me. they disney-fyed it far to much for my taste

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    Black Christmas (2019) - I wanted to like this movie, and in some ways, I did, but only because of how unintentionally ham fisted and ridiculous it is at times. Wasn’t a good horror movie, wasn’t a good social commentary, just wasn’t good. 1/5.

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    Ford VS Ferrari on HBO

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepgrazed View Post
    Ford VS Ferrari on HBO
    My dad loves that one

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    If you're into horror, Sinister is one of the last movies I recall. Maybe 3 weeks ago, I then proceeded to watch Sinister 2. Sequels are almost always inferior, in this case that remains to be the truth. I'm glad I watched it though. As far as a warm and fuzzy flick however......sadly nothing springs to mind. Any recommendations will be taken seriously 💕👍🏿❤️ Warm... fuzzy, yes please 😁😋😀🤜🏻🤛

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