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Thread: Cause Kiba said so!!

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    Cause Kiba said so!!

    I will do the same for kitties, incase you haven't seen the sketch dealie

    Check it out, I'll sketch whatever you'd like for voting! I appreciate it!

    Hey guys! I don't normally venture to this side of the world for this sort of thing..but Kiba's "brother" needs help!

    Could you vote for Zeke at
    you need to sign up..I'd really appreciate it!!!

    He only needs a few more votes to get 3rd. All I want is money for the HS, so I don't care if I get 1st. 50 bucks would be super! We only have one shelter on the whole island so the can get busy in there. If 50 bucks could save an animal or 2 then that would be super! There are ALWAYS a lot of kitties in there.

    Check out the cats you could help!!! They spay or neuter all animals before they go to new homes. This is costly, and I know 50 bucks isn't anything for all those animals, but every bit helps, right?
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    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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