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Thread: Prayers Needed Asap For Bcblondie's Megan

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    Prayers Needed Asap For Bcblondie's Megan

    Megan went into apparently what the vet called cardiovascular shock this evening when Di had her at the dog park.
    This is a c/p from Di in an AIM.

    she fell over at the dog park.. like.. she was chasing some dogs and all of a sudden someone noticed she was lying down and wasnt moving so i ran over and her legs were stiff.. i got soo scared.. it almost looked like she had died.. :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( but then her legs started twitching kinda and she was making little growly noises but she wouldnt get up or move.. so i picked her up and carried her to the car and one of my dog park friends drove while the other helped me with miko..
    the vet said she'd be okay.. but i left her there overnight for observation..
    but in the car on the way to the hospital she seemed to get better... she started panting.. altho sometimes her tongue would flip up like a pug's tongue does when panting which was VERY unusual for her..
    the vet said it probably wasnt a seizure that she had but he thinks she went into some kind of shock.. like, he thought cardiovascular shock... and he said another thing that concerns him is that he did hear a SLIGHT heart murmur
    so right now she's at the vets for observation.. and i can decide later on if i wanna run more tests to figure out if anything is wrong or anything... but then it would get really expensive.. for the radiographs and chest x-rays.. the total he gave me if i got all the tests done was a bit over 1,000 :-\.. the overnight stay was only $395 or so.. i paid a 200 deposit and i pay the rest in the morning.. i just hope she'll be okay.. he said they've got her stabilized and she seemed to be doing better
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    Prayers on the way for Megan.
    don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die....

    I have been frosted!

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    I have been thinking about this and it sure sounds a lot like a seizure to me, my good friends small dog had an episode like that months ago and there has been no reoccurance.

    I sure hope thats the case for megan.
    don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die....

    I have been frosted!

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    Good thoughts and wishes for Megan.

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    <picks up Prayer Line> <dials God>

    Hi God ~

    Lil Help down here, PaLeeze ...

    Fur our Buddie - Megan - whooze inna Hoppsbittle tanite ...

    Kuld You make a Road Trip an *check* on her tanite??

    THANKS, God!

    /s/ The Prayer Pups
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    Prayers heading over to you all - keep us posted on how she is

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    Prayers headed your way for sweet Megan. I hope it turns out not too serious. {hugs}
    Forever in my heart...

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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I'm thinking of Megan, hoping it's nothing too serious.....
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    Good thoughts and wishes for Megan and her family...

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    Prayers are coming from Florida for Megan and her family. We hope she will be ok and we can only imagine how difficult that was to experience such a horrible thing. Bless all of you.

    Terry, Daisy, and Delilah

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    Off to the races....
    Thoughts and prayers on the way for poor Megan.

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    How frightening!!

    I hope Megan will be okay.
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    That is really scarey! I hope and pray that Megan will be okay.
    I am sending prayers from Tennessee to you and your family for Megan to get well soon.


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    Prayers and positive thoughts headed to Megan

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    That is awful . Prayers on the way for dear little Megan. I sure miss Diana and her pups here at PT too.
    Mom to Raven and Rudy the greyhound

    Missing always: Tasha & Tommy, at the Rainbow Bridge

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