Man Charged For Allegedly Trying To Feed Cat To Gator
Kitten Will Be Adopted

POSTED: 12:37 pm EDT June 9, 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Franklin County Humane Society officers said a Columbus man tried to feed a kitten to an alligator. But the kitten escaped with all nine lives still intact.

SLIDESHOW: Kitten Saved From Gator

Shawn Wright was charged with animal cruelty, and faces the possibility of a 90-day jail sentence, NewsChannel5 partner ONN reported.

People living near 226 South Eureka Avenue said that they can't believe what they saw happening in their neighborhood.

"We happened to see a kitten climbing up the cage, hanging on to side. And then it would fall down and go back up," Aminda Sims explained.

Sims, who lives across the street, said there was an alligator inside that cage with the kitten.

"And then the kitten got out. And I was all excited because I was like 'run kitty, run!’" Sims said.

When humane society officer Leighanne Detillion arrived, she said Wright admitted trying to feed the kitten to a 3-foot alligator.

"The gentleman screamed 'I can do whatever I want with the cat! It's a stray and it doesn't matter what happens to it!'" Detillion claims Wright said.

But that wasn't the end to the cat's tale.

Humane society officers said Wright picked the kitten up by neck, shaking it violently as they ordered him to put it down. Instead, they said he threw Ally the kitten more than 10 feet off the front porch.

"I'm like, I cannot believe he did that in front of me," Detillion said.

"He didn't just toss her. He threw her as hard as he could. And she hit the concrete and bounced off."

Now Wright, 18, faces one charge of animal cruelty. City prosecutors plan to ask for the maximum penalty.

"Doing this type of behavior indicates some violent tendencies. And that is obviously the public safety concern," assistant city prosecutor Bridget Carty said.

Wright’s first court appearance is scheduled for June 15.

Ally the kitten will be made ready for adoption at the Franklin County Humane Society.

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