The local animal control (kill shelter) has a male already neutered cat on their website. For $8 I can get him. Hubby won't let me have anymore cats and right now I can't handle anymore inside cats - we are gone every weekend as it is and they are left alone. BUT with kitten season on I know this cat will probably be killed as they just don't keep them more than a week - no room. So should I email the girl there (same place I got Meka my girl cat) and tell her that if he doesn't find a home to call me before she kills him and I'll take him? He'd have to be an outdoor kitty right now. Who knows later.... Or just let it go? I can't save them all but the biggest cost is the spay neuter. Also would my cats start spraying the house if they saw him outside - that is a concern... Hubby loves our cats now but he still would give them up if he had to take care of them - I do everything and he plays with them and helps me feed them in the morning but evening is all mine and so is the litter box. Any ideas??? Debbie