View Poll Results: Where did you get your pets?

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  • Shelter/rescue

    68 51.91%
  • Pet Store

    25 19.08%
  • Breeder

    52 39.69%
  • Mill/BYB/farm

    16 12.21%
  • Stray

    24 18.32%
  • Bred him/her yourself

    5 3.82%
  • Other

    31 23.66%
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Thread: Where did you get your pets?

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    Mar 2003
    Southern California
    Molly and Daisy came from breeders.

    Angel, Dillian and Mocha were adopted from the shelter.

    Piper was purchased at Petco and Pumpkin was a "rescue".

    Frankie was also a rescue and my mom got Phil, Percy, George, Bernie and Roy from a friend.

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    Let's see..
    From the pet store, I got
    Caicos (iguana), and Jet (Ball Python)

    Faye (Ball Python) and Inochi (Leopard Gecko) were Rescues

    From a breeder:
    Prism (Brazilian Rainbow Boa), Youkai (Guyana Red-Tail Boa)
    Otomodachi, Akira Chibi, Lexx, and Gex (All Leopard Geckos)

    Bred Myself (via Inochi and Gex - still trying to sell these)
    Ume (She was hatchling 1), Hatchling 3, and Hatchling 4

    Hatchling 2 and 5 have already been sold.
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    Cheerfully Childfree

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    Jun 2005
    Deep-N-Heart of Tx && My Babie's Hearts

    My Adopted Pets

    My Babies are all adopted = Callet from pet store reject & was charged more cause no one else wanted her due to she was so sick with ear mites & she was underfeed & near death; Half Pint was a stray from work; Buttons was adopted with a Glaucomaic Eye (that we treat) & is one eyed now; Autumn was a real bad abuse & beaten case & also has only one eye & she was so scared of humans it took 4 months of solid patience just to get her out from under the bed & but now she all ok; Yardleigh (3 ft in a yard) yes is three legged & can run faster than the four legged ones; A brand new baby from Walmart Parking lot is Splenda & was so starved & eyes all infected & is now going thru treatment & will be all ok && of course three dogs all were adopted also.. Oh did I mention I just get to live in the house so all the babies get pamperd & feed well..

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    Aug 2004
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Sasha (border collie cross) - from the humane society
    Sebastian and Miko (ferrets) - from the ferret rescue society
    Speedy (brazilian rainbow boa) - petstore (my husband's purchase)
    Slytherin (mexican bairds rat snake) - repitle show (my step-son had to have his own snake).
    Gayle - self proclaimed Queen of Poop
    Mommy to: Cali and Diego (nine year old kittens)
    (RB furbabies: Rascal RB 10/11/03 (ferret), Sami RB 24/02/04 (dog), Trouble RB 10/08/05 (ferret), Miko RB 20/01/06 (ferret) and Sebastian RB 12/12/06(ferret), Sasha RB 17/10/09 (border collie cross)

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    All of mine came out of 'free' adds so I rescued them in a way. Nobody else would have taken them if we wouldn't have. They could have ended up on the streets or in a shelter.

    I do plan on adopting/rescuing all of my animals I have in the future
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    Mar 2001
    Austin, Texas
    All of mine are shelter babies and strays. My fosters are kill shelter rescues as well.
    Shiloh, Reece, Lolly, Skylar
    and fosters Snickers, Missy, Magic, Merlin, Maya

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    Apr 2005
    I said pet store, breeder, and other. I got my mice, snake, and guinea pig at a pet store. I got Annabelle, my pug, from a breeder. Other was my cats and my rabbit. My cats came from my horseback riding instructor a couple of years ago and my rabbit was from a fair in New Hampshire.

    Thanks Devon (flamepony12) for the

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    Jul 2004
    Aquidneck Island
    Star & Sherman both came from siberian breeders. My RB Rosie was adopted form a shelter. (I miss my Rosie-Posey girl! )

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    May 2005
    Victoria, Australia
    Every cat who has lived with me over the years has been rescued.

    The horses I had to pay for as no one seems to ever give a horse away.

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    Jun 2002
    Tucson, Az
    Corkscrew was originally adopted out of a shelter, then passed around to a few owners. The last owner no longer wanted him so I took him in.

    Tibby came from a shelter.

    Payson came from animal control.

    The rats all came from a pet store.
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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    Jul 2002
    edmonds, wa
    Batman can from a shelter

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    Feb 2003
    My dad picked her out from a breeder.
    [size=1]Rachel & Sally

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    Apr 2005
    Cats were all rescues

    Guinea pigs were the result of my friends not wanting their pigs anymore

    Geico was given to me by my teacher


    Shadow - My Aunt...not sure where she got her from, probably a byb

    Micki and Mini - BYBs

    Kyra - we became BYBs
    What we did was horrible, I wish I would have found PT earlier or tried harder to convince my parents that breeding Min was a bad idea...but its been 13 months since Ky has been a part of our life now...I really wish we wouldn't have done it! I feel like an outsider here and a huge hypocrit, I am always telling people to spay and neuter their dogs but then my parents go ahead and breed our own dog

    Jack - a shelter dog

    Ashley & Crossbone ("mini ACD")
    Living with my parent's: Jack (Lab/Beagle), Micki & Mini (JRTS)
    RIP Kyra: 07/11/04 - 11/3/12; Shadow: 4/2/96 - 3/17/08

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    Aug 2002
    Oak Creek, Wisconsin
    Dudley- Humane Animal Welfare Society (H.A.W.S)
    Sammy- side of the road
    Peanut & Buster- Elmbrook Humane Society
    Sophie, Eloise & Lucy- Hoffers pet store
    LAURA {Human}, FRANNY {Boxer}, PEANUT, BUSTER, & NIBBLES {Rabbits}

    Thanks Roxyluvsme13!

    "The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses' ears"- Arabian Proverb

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