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Thread: Distraught Owners Digging Up Pets From Cemetery (FLA)

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    Distraught Owners Digging Up Pets From Cemetery (FLA)
    How awful that people have to go through double the trauma!
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    That is so, so sad!

    not only taking advantage of people's grief when they lose a pet (by not properly burying it in the first place, as those people didn't find any remains of their dog) But to have the land be privately owned and ABLE to be 'sold'!

    Our city does not allow you to bury pets in your yard. of course, many people do it anyway - and are never caught. but what if you move?

    when my first golden, Toby died - it was winter, and I had him creamated. My original intentions were to wait until spring when the ground thawed and bury the cannister urn in our yard with a marker.

    But in April that year, an opportunity came up to buy the townhouse next door to my parents. The deal did not go thru, and I stayed here in the house - but had I been able to bury him, then what? Dig him up and take him with? leave my companion of 13 yrs behind, unable to visit him again?

    Somehow his cannister stayed up on that decorative shelf of plants in my kitchen - While I couldn't decide what to do. the thought of burying him refreshed the pain of losing him. He stayed up there, for almost two years, until he was joined by the remains of his littermate & sister, Tara, who also died in winter.

    We adopted Tristan, who we lost to cancer just 3 short years later, his ashes are there, too.

    Morbid? Weird? Maybe.

    But I know my babies are safe at home - and perhaps, one day - their ashes will be buried WITH ME, or I will take them to one of their favorite parks and scatter them.

    Until then, they are unnoticed by anyone but me, tucked in among the silk plants up high. Safe, and home.


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    I had Maddie cremated, because I wouldn't even consider putting her at a pet cemetary and the ground here is way too difficult to dig a decent hole. At some point, when I'm ready I plan on scattering her ashes over the bluebonnets. It's a been a year and a half since she died and I'm still not ready yet. I'm sure I will eventually. I like the thought of her being a part of something so beautiful.


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    That is horrible. Poor people. Angie is in my backyard. My dad dug the hole and it is almost 6 feet deep. I tell her goodnight every night. I thought it would upset me to have her that close, like a constant reminder of her death, but I love having her in her own yard.
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    When Casey "Bubba Dude" went to the RB in 2001, I had him privately cremated. His ashes are and will always be with me. I have a little "box" hanging on the wall with a picture of a snowman and a black kitty looking up at him. In the box (I wish I could download a picture but there's something wrong with my program) is a very special wooden box (made from Hawaiian wood) with a heart plaque on it "Casey" 1995 - 2001 on it with his ashes inside. On top of it are my Nanny's Italian crystal rosary beads and on the side is a stone with Casey's portrait painted on it (made by my friend Melissa).

    Because I rent, I could never bury any of my furbabies because they woundn't be with me when I moved.

    I feel so bad for all those pet owners. I think it's despicable what that cemetery owner did. I'll be you HE doesn't have any pet!!

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    That is evil.
    I would NEVER burry a pet in the yard, because I would probably move a lot. as for cremation, the idea scars me, I not't know if I could burn up a beloved companion, but then again, leave them to rot in the ground??? Fire then seems ok, it is such a powerful part of nature, but then again, decay is nature too, so is death. *sigh* idk.

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