I'm taking care of my elderly neighbor's house and cats while she's in the hospital. Today I decided that after 14 years of giving dog haircuts, I try her persian, Fursie. I've worked in the cat room of our humane society for a few years and can cut nails easy, how hard could this be?! Fursie isn't used to being handled so I wrapped a towel around him and clipped his talons first, he hasn't had his nails clipped in years. Then I sat him on the floor and wrapped my legs aroud him and started cutting. I don't know how anybody could find this to be so hard once you get them laying on the floor stuck between your knees they can't move much while you cut away . He wiggled so much that I warned him about bald spots, which made him wiggle more so I threatened to give him a lion cut . Anyway, after pulling him out from under the couch for one last brushing and some treats and covering my shreded legs with neosporin I decided I needed a pat on the back.
No pics of him but he now looks like the last pics here except he's black with rusty colored sides.