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Thread: natural tick repellents?

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    natural tick repellents?

    ok, this weekend we are heading out to saskatton for a herding clinic, we will be in a large open feild all weekend, that means there WILL be ticks, Blair is getting his hair cut right now as ticks LOVE him, his hair is so bushy that ticks easiy take a ride on him, fleas are not a problem with raw fed dogs so I dod not need a flea and tick combo, but it is mostly Happy and Blair that will need some sort of tick repellent, problem presented? we cant use a chemical repellent with either, Happy because of her vaccinosis my mom does not trust any sort of chemical repelent near her, she wont even consider allowing a chemical repelent for anything anywhere near Happy, Blair has problems with devlopment as a pup(extremly premature) and our vet preferes we keep chemical products away from him. so you see the probem lol Happy and Blair need an all natural tick repellent, that does not cost $15 a bottle, we do not have that kind of money(my dad is paying for the herding clinic)
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    Have you checked the web or asked a vet? That is all of the suggestions I have! Good Luck! I hope your furbabes do good!

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    Natural Tick Repellant Recipe

    Good luck! Take pictures!
    I've been BOO'd!

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    Bug Off Garlic
    It is $15 a bottle, but that is for 180 tablets. I just started using it not too long ago. I like that it is natural and it is WAY cheaper than Frontline. It seems to work well too. I have a huge tick problem at my house. We have woods across the road and the ticks seem to gravitate into my yard (they probably hitch a ride on the squirrels and other animals that come into our yard). Anyway, The frontline worked great, but it cost us $50+ a month to keep my dogs on it. My friend introduced my to the "Bug Off Garlic" and we've so far been happy with it. I give them each one at supper time and they eat it like it's candy. I have not seen a tick on any of them since I started using it. The price is great too, it works out to less than $13 per month, rather than the $50 I was paying for Fromtine.
    - Kari
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