We had quite an adventure at 11pm tonight!! I let Killian and Shiloh out in the yard. My daughter called Shiloh back in immediately because she saw that Shiloh took out her toy and we didn't want it lost in the snow. Shiloh brought the toy back in, meanwhile Killian took off like a bat out of --ll! Suddenly we hear this awful squeeking, screaming sound and Killian was at the side fence. I called him off, but he wouldn't come to me. Luckily I still had my boots on, so I ran out. By the time I got to the fence, I saw the poor jackrabbit stuck in the rung of my chain-link fence ( I didn't think he could fit, he was no bunny, he was full size!) He was 3/4th through the fence. His hips and legs wouldn't fit through. I believe he probably used to run under the fence, but the snow is 12 inches deep and covered the area all the way to the ground, so the only way out was through this tiny link. Killian would not back off. He wasn't barking, only sniffing, thank goodness!! In the meantime, my daughter is SCREAMING from the patio door to save the poor animal!!! She was hysterical. Then Shiloh got to the rabbit!!!!! She took a quick sniff and I called her off and she obeyed. I finally got control of them and chased them back in the house. (Not to mention the heartattack and asthma attack I was having!!) Now what to do????? I have this LARGE rabbit stuck in my fence, a hysterical daughter saying save him and me wheezing. OK, must save this poor rabbit..... I got my emergency inhaler, took a puff, then I got my quilted gloves and started to try and pull him back through the fence. He wouldn't budge 'cause there was no way he was gonna go back in that yard, so he was pulling the other way. I knew he wouldn't fit his hips through, but HE didn't know it. All the while, my daughter is saying, "He's gonna die!! Save him!!!" I told her to come out and help me, but she said she couldn't look. The rabbit stopped screaming after the dogs went in. I figured if I went on the other side of the fence, maybe I could push him back in. When I tried to push him, he turned his head and tried to bury it in the snow. I had to stop because we weren't getting anywhere and I didn't want him to suffocate. I dug out the snow, but I couldn't budge him. Then my daughter came out. She was crying and saying save him. I don't want him to die. I told her to get the Barbie swimming pool so we could block him, but he would have enough room so he wouldn't get hurt. I figured he would stop trying to pull forward if he was blocked (safely). I went to the other side and started tugging up past his hips. He was really stuck!! I wondered if I would be able to save him. I couldn't give up, though. I tugged on him a little at a time and he started to unlodge (it seemed like forever). I kept tugging and finally he got loose. I pulled him through and let him go. He ran about four feet and fell over. He then got up and took off across the yard. I think he may be under my big evergreen tree. Whew!!! He was saved!!!! I hope he is ok!!!
I will never forget those great big eyes!!

Killian got yelled at for not listening. We will be practicing the drop command! However, I am glad that neither of them went to bite the poor rabbit, only sniff him.