Where is Cat Heaven?
Is it here or a thought?
Is it a place in the sunshine?
Or a bed that is bought?

Is it a warm seat just found?
When your human stands to go?
Or is it a stretch?
almost on tippytoe?

Is it a nap on a human,
Pinning them to the floor?
Or is it sentry duty?
On guard by the door?

Is it a treat?
Some fish flavored treat,
Or is it a massage?
With your owner's tired feet.

Is it a scratch on the chin
Or better on the ear?
Or is the smile, of your
owner's good cheer?

Is it a perch on
a shelf full of books?
Or is it the love in your owner's
quick look?

Kitty heaven is what
The moment dictates,
To a cat it is give,
and always, some take.

Kitty heaven is simple
and you enter it's space
With the wonderful love
On your Kitty's face.