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Thread: April 10 Dog of the Day

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    April 10 Dog of the Day

    I was looking at the site and the Dogs of the Day and could not believe it when I read that a dog of the day (Nemo - April 10 dog of the day) actually had its voice box removed! Apparently a previous owner had it done. Thank goodness for the animal rescue places that helped find Nemo a more loving home! What kind of a vet would have done something like that! Needlesstosay, I was apalled. Glad that Nemo (April 10 dog of the day) got adopted by someone who doesn't mind that a dog has something to say!

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    I went back and looked and read his story. First off , he is just gorgeous! Secondly, who could do that to a doggie . I'm glad he's found a great home.
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