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Thread: Meet "Li'l Orphan Annie", our new calico foster!....(PICTURES)

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    Meet "Li'l Orphan Annie", our new calico foster!....(PICTURES)

    Well, we're trying it AGAIN! The Humane Society called me yesterday and asked if I could take in a little 2-2 1/2 week old female calico kitten as a foster. She was in another foster home with some other kittens, but they were all sick and the foster mom brought her in to the Humane Society to try to find her another foster home, to prevent her from getting sick, too. She has pinkeye, which is being treated.

    So we're keeping her in the dog carrier, with a litter box, a hot water bottle and a heating pad to help keep her warm. We're feeding her formula with syringes, and she's been sleeping a lot. I'm somewhat worried about her because she sneezes quite a bit, more than Shadow did when we brought him home. But she's eating OK, and she pooped yesterday. She cries when we hold her, but when we put her in the carrier on the heating pad, or on the towel covering the hot water bottle, she settles right down.

    We're calling her "Annie", which is short for "Li'l Orphan Annie", while she's with us. We really won't be able to keep her, as two cats and two dogs are already plenty for our household. Shadow looks big now compared to her. He's been looking at her, but he hasn't been pouting or anything because she's now in "his" carrier. (He has "outgrown" the carrier, and the baby gate, and now has full run of the house!)

    Well, anyway, on to the pictures: (They're from the Polaroid Instant camera, as the 35 mm film is just going to be dropped off at the store tomorrow morning for developing.)

    I should have more of both Annie and Shadow on Wednesday....
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    what kitty cutey

    so cute

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    oh sweet lord what a munchkin. I hope all goes well with her she is such a little beauty. Keep us posted as to her progress.

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    She IS a Calico, isn't she? She's almost all white on her belly, and has white around the back of her neck. She is so precious!
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    Yes she is a Calico and an adorable one at that.

    What a widdle cutie pie.

    I'm sure she will thrive in your care.

    Please keep us posted and looking forward to seeing more pictures of her and of your precious Shadow.

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    She is a doll baby, for sure. I love all of her colors - she's very pretty. I'm glad we got to see her and hope she does really well in the days to come.

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    What a little beauty! I'm sure she'll thrive under your care.

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwww, how I wish I lived closer....!!
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    She is a beautifully marked little calico. What a little sweetie she is.

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    I must admit - calicos are my favorite and Annie is a beauty! I've never seen one with such markings before! Give her extra kissies, huggies, and blessings for me.
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    What a cutie! Sure hope you fail fostering school again lol!
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    a baby
    a calico
    a calico baby!!!

    how sweet!
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    What a sweet little girl she is - and curious too. Hope she'll find a loving home.

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