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Thread: Calling all Chow Chow owners!

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    Calling all Chow Chow owners!

    Hi everyone,

    We got two Black Lab/ Chow Chow mixes in September. I know a lot of Lab owners, but no one with Chows.

    Could you guys with Chows tell me what yours are like? Ours are the sweetest little girls!

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    I do not own a Chow, but I saw one not too long ago coming out of a dog-grooming place and that dog was absolutely beautiful. He/She had a mass of hair that was so incredibly lushious-looking that I betcha they blowed-dryed it at that dog-salon. Do you have a picture of your Chows?
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    My sister's dog is a chow mix and the term 'gentle giant' applies well to him. He's very protective of her children, and has a wild sense of humor. (I guess that's a wierd thing to say about a dog, but when he's playing you'd swear he has a twinkle in his eye.) He and my Maine Coon baby, Livvy, at one time lived together and he really enjoyed teasing her. It was cute to watch them play.

    One of my neighbors has a purebreed (sp?) chow that I love to watch -- he's a beauty. He's very protective of his people, not too fond of being approached (sigh). I'd like to fondle him, but need to make progress slower with him.

    Yes, do post photos of your beauties.
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    Sure, I'll post pics. Um... how do you do it? LOL Also, they're MUCH more Lab than Chow... but Oreo has more Chow Chow brown - Sunshine is all black.

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