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Thread: Healthy Drinks

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    Healthy Drinks

    What are some healthy drinks that don't have much or no sugar in it?

    Since the doctor told me to get healthy I need to start drinking healthy. I think that is my main problem anyway. I drink to many soft drinks.

    I am drinking water right now with my lunch and it is so nasty, but it was either that or coke and I know Coke has tons of sugar in it.

    So if you have any suggestions please tell me.

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    I drink crystal light all the time. Lemonade flavor is the best.
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    I love the 7up berry soda. It's sweetened with Splenda and is really good. Also, diet A&W root beer is good.

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    Crystal light, sugar-free kool-aid can be counted as water, V8 splash, Yo-J, juice, some energy drinks though most are gross, lots of stuff
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    Iced tea! It's great in the summer...I drink it unsweetened, no lemon. The tea has antioxidants and no calories.

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    I dont know if you would like this or not but Arizona (brand name) makes a diet green tea. I have been drinking a lot of it. It's has a lot of antioxidents in it so its super good for you.

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    Water is so good for you but if you don't like the taste, try putting a bit of lemon in it. That's what I drink all day long.

    My doctor actually told me that the more water you drink, the less you retain.....mind you, I have to pee a dozen times a day....
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    Crystal Light - I'm addicted to the raspberry/peach flavor; Snapple Diet Peach iced tea or any iced tea without sugar or Splenda for sweetness AND I like water. I use a Brita filter pitcher and love the clean taste of the filtered water.

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    Crystal Light is a good "diet" drink, without the sugar. Of course, I love water, as long as it is COLD, so I probably don't have much help for you. I will drink water over juice or sugared drinks anyday. I do love the occasional unsweetened ice tea, lemon or no lemon, but I don't use any artificial sweeteners or Splenda in it. I will admit a bit of an addiction to Diet Coke........don't drink any other diet soft drinks at all! LOL!!!


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    I've heard that ice cold water can help you lose weight. I don't know what truth there is to it, but if you drink it, your body tries to cool it down, hense doing 'stuff' to help lose weight...that and water has like nothing in it to be fatty which helps.

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    Originally posted by slleipnir
    I've heard that ice cold water can help you lose weight. I don't know what truth there is to it, but if you drink it, your body tries to cool it down, hense doing 'stuff' to help lose weight...that and water has like nothing in it to be fatty which helps.
    I just read an article about this in CosmoGirl. Your body tries to warm up the water to body temperature, but it doesn't burn off enough calories in one time to have much of an impact. Water is great for you, though!

    Even though water is great for you, it doesn't contain any vitamins and nutrients. It's just water. Drink plenty of water, but I also suggest things with antioxidents. Do you take vitamins everyday?

    I don't think I can add any drinks to the lists above. If you drink soft drinks right now, defintely stop. You said you hated water - try drinking no sugar, no calorie flavoured water. It's very good. It has the same nutritional value as a diet soft drink, but it's not as bad for your teeth and mouth. Also, a lemon in your water will help. Sorry, I'm of no help.
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