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Thread: Proud mama

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    Proud mama

    I might speak of my son once in a while, but I had to share everyone the article in todays' paper about him

    Newspaper Article

    He really has coem a long way through the years. He is an amazing kid and I'm proud he's my stepson (though I never think of him that way - to me he is simply my son.)

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    What an impressive story! I never had much ideas about dyslexia and the article tells you very well what a handicap it is!
    Way to go Tony- you can teach all of us

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    I read the article, it was good! Congrats to your son. It's always fun to be featured in the paper. I bet he thinks that's really cool.
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    What a great story! The fantasy author Piers Anthony is dyslexic. I've heard people who stutter can be helped by singing; it engages a different part of the brain for some reason. The Greek orator Demosthenes stuttered; it is said he would practice speaking over the roar of the sea with pebbles in his mouth!

    Good luck to your son's future endeavors.
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    Congrats to your son
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    wooo boy, the phone has been ringing off the hook tonight (more so than usual ) with people wanting to congratulate Tony on such a great article, and lots of peole commending him on being brave enough to expose his dyslexia in such a public way. He's such a great kid!

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    He must make both you and Grant so proud. What a heartwarming article that shows just how much your son, and others with dyslexia must overcome, and usually do when they set their minds to it. Tom Cruise I think also has it, and look how far he's gone! Not to mention the bank account! $$$$ $$$$
    Thanks for sharing Kim, and give that boy a hug (even if he doesn't want one )
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    Thats a great story.

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    I reckon you ARE a proud Mom, who wouldn't be with a son like that? Way to GO!!!!

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    Well done mate, you have a great son.

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    What a fabulous story, Kim! Your son is an inspiration and he deserves some fame and glory!

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    You must be so proud!

    But, sorry, I have to this the same son that was being covered in litter the other day?

    I also thought it was a shame that your name wasn't mentioned at all, Kim. If I remember right, this kid's mother isn't much of a mother and by saying "parents" in the article, most people, if they don't know you and Grant, would assume it meant birth mother and if I remember right, she doesn't deserve credit for having such a great kid. I'm sure you are such a great influence on him and are partially responsible for his turn around. But then again....this is about maybe I shouldn't have even brought this up.

    You must be so proud!
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    The site doesn't work for me

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    That's such an inspiring story. Congratulations to your son, Kim. You must be so proud!
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    I can't open the story, either, Kim, but I'll check back, later! I know you are proud!!!

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