hi. im new here and i needed some advice or empathetic experiences. my two year-old female walker treeing hound, mae, has huge problems with dog on dog aggression. i have another dog, rat, hes 12 and she has never attacked him. i have had her from 8 weeks and shes always been cock of the walk. very alpha female. she even pees like a male. she is extremely possessive over her other dog and me and her toys. she has been socialised from day one. i have done nothing different in raising her than i did with rat. but she is hugely aggressive over toys and me. today, after five months of no incidents and over $500 in obedience lessons, she attacked a goldendoodle. she seems to really dislike this breed. mostly because they try to take her ball. she had just returned to me with her ball, had dropped it and was waiting to have it thrown again. as i was reaching down to get it, the goldendoodle tried to snatch it. now, i made no sudden movements, because i anticipated an attack from mae. which is exactly what she did. she didnt see the dog off, she chased it all over the park and landed a few nips, at least i think she did. i saw tufts of fur flying. the dog retreated, why did mae continue to chase her, all the way back to the other dogs owner? it was awful. my policy when this happens, after panicking and running all over the goddamned place after my dog, is to restrain my dog and then enquire after the state of the other dog. the other owner was so pissed, she just shouted at me to go home.
to add to my misery, my 12 year-old was cowering behind anothe couple in the park and wouldnt come to me when i called him because he was afraid of me. all the shouting and running frightens him.
i dont know what to do. i cant afford to go see a behaviourist. i keep a close watch on both my dogs. i am responsible and not careless with my pets, i just dont know what to do anymore.
i dont want to give up on her. its not her fault i decided to make her my pet and bring her to the city. where, by the way, she is thoroughly exercised daily.
if you made it through this post, i could really use some help.
im at my wits end here.
thanks for listening.