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Thread: Training, training, training!

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    Training, training, training!

    Wow, busy busy. Firstly, Zeke has started House League. His first class was last Sunday. He did excellent! I'm very proud of him. It was his first time being in a crate, and he didn't complain about it! (he did look depressed though) I was expecting him to act crazy and bad after being in the crate and not listen to me, but he did! He's getting better, his time has come down to 4.8 too. I think he'll get faster

    Also, Zeke is starting Obedience next week. I figure it would be good to work with him and hopefully get him to listen to me no matter what.

    Also, Josie is going to be getting training for her aggression (and maybe some other issues) The guy seems awesome (I think his website is I hope it's not TOO expensive, or I can't take her. I really want the problem fixed....

    Hopefully I'll have 2 super well behaved dogs after this Yeah right

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    Best of luck to Zeke and Josie in their training! I bet it will be fun, fun, fun!!!

    We start with Skye on the maybe we'll have good pups together!
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    Yay! Best of luck to all of you.


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    WTG Zeke man . It is amazing how quickly they adapt to being crated at Flyball, Clover had no problems and had never stepped foot in a crate before. Elvis goes nuts if he see's his team running and he has to step out, the crate shakes and he howls lol.

    Good luck with Josie girls training aswel, i hope she improves and does you proud. Oh and good luck with Zeke's Obedience also, i am sure all 3 of you will do just fine.

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