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    re: Pet Polls

    Just curious...

    Household with multiple you vote more than once?

    I've always wondered...sometimes the questions apply to some of my animals, other times to all...

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    Usually the answer applies to all my animals, but if it doesn't I'll vote again.
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    It's ok to vote once per pet.

    This has been asked before, but without search it's difficult to find that original question.

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    If the anawers are different, then I vote multiple times. For instance, How often to you give your dog a bath? The greyhounds only get 2 or 3 baths a year, while Pup needs a bath every month or two... so I answered 4 times. If a question has the same answer for each dog, like Have you smelled your pet's feet, then I might only answer once. I guess I should be more consistent!!!
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