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Thread: Dog Mugs, etc.

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    Dog Mugs, etc.

    I have a free animal graphics site that also sells animal art (including dogs) on various items such as mugs and mousepads. If anyone is interested in coming and having a look around, it's at Animals Online Thanks

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    That's cool..but you don't have my fav. dog which is a Golden Retriever

    ~ Highschool rox ur socks!! Highschool is so amazing and I love it. Hi to everyone on Pet Talk, I know I have not been on for a while, I'm just busy. All of you here that I know rock! Keep up being friendly, posting on Pet Talk and havin fun. Buddy sends kisses. ~

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    Actually I have been working on a Golden Retriever portrait for the mugs and other stuff. I finally got it finished. You can take a look at Golden Retrievers

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