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Thread: ** Pictures and Video of Eclipse! **

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    ** Pictures and Video of Eclipse! **

    Thought I would share some new pictures of Eclipse and 2 videos!

    Don't mind the mess in the background!!! And don't mind the background noise in the video... LOL

    After these pictures were taken, he peed on my bed!! Puppies, can't live with um can't live without um!

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    Another video... as before, don't mind the mess and background noise, focus on that cute puppy bark!
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    Such a gorgeous puppy. I love all of your Goldens. I couldn't see the video.


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    I couldnt see the vidio either puppy is very cute!
    Notes from the head Beagles! ;-)

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    such a beautiful pup! love the bedspread too!

    (psst, i couldn't see the video)

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    Oh My Goodness! Golden puppies have got to be the absolute CUTEST things in the universe....They are like golden balls of love.

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    Way too cute!! and what a beautiful little woof! (he could be a talker)

    Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole

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