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    Cassie, I don't think there is a dog on this earth more loved than you! You were given such a wonderful "second chance" in life and have repaid your adoring family with all the love and joy a human could ask for. You are a beautiful, brave girl sweet Cassie and I thank your very proud human companion for letting us get to know you! I am only sorry that you are not able to see each other as often as I'm sure you both would like. But oh, how special those reunions must be! Congratulations Cassie! Now the WHOLE WORLD knows how special you are; and that you are our very special, very deserving, most treasured Dog of the Day! Lots of love to you precious Cassie!

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    Oh Cassie, you are so beautiful on the outside and within. you look so gentle and kind. Anyone would be so proud to have a dog like you to cherish. Congradulations on becoming the most gentle, loving, beautiful,
    Dog of the Day. Kisses from Daisy and Perry.

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    Cassie, it's so true what tatsxxx11 said. The WHOLE WORLD now knows how special you are. Our family & friends in australia think you have the most elegantly beautiful face & the most wonderful spirit. I'm so glad you found a family who love you just the way you deserve to be loved. Now that you've become Dog of the Day you've found lots & lots of adoring fans, too. Have a wonderful day, brave little Cassie.

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    You are a sweetheart Cassie! Hope you enjoy being dog of the day and get lots of special treats today as you deserve them.

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    Cassie girl you are the epitome of what a dog should be for a youngster. You've done your job and you've done it right. Believe me you will never ever be forgotten for the wonderful dog that you are. But at 9 years old you still got a lot of living to do and lot of love and cuddles to give. You are one cutie pie as well. I hope you enjoyed your status as Dog of the Day, but I have an inkling that you enjoy every day, whether they are accompanied with recognititon and accolades or not.

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