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Thread: nail clipping

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    nail clipping

    how do u clip the dog's nails if it's all black and can't see the blood vessel? i am afraid, that i might cut too deep, since i cant see the blood vessel even after i put his foot under the light. any tips ?

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    Re: nail clipping

    Very carefully. Just clip a little at a time.
    (I just clip the tips and I use a flash light)
    Just in case have quick (sp) stop next to you.

    Their is a drummel (sp) tool that some folks
    like, but I have never used one.


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    Usually if you run your finger along the back side you will feel the nail suddenly becoming thicker. Clip 1/4 of the inch before that spot, and it should be safe.

    Warning: Some dogs will jerk away at the slightest pressure. During such times it's easy to "miss" the intended target area. So you will have to anticipate this.

    Since you have not clipped your dog's nails before you need to establish it as a "good experience" for them. For example I stop after 1 or 2 nails and reward with a treat. They will soon associated nail triming not only with discomfort, but also with a treat reward. If the dog is really skittish, then lead up to the nail session by pressing with your fingers on the nails. Get them use to having pressure being applied to the nail. That will also help make it less of an unknown to them.

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