Daisy had to go to the vet today.

We noticed for the past couple of days that Daisy had a scab about the size of a quarter on the top of her head. Well, last night it looked worse (it was raw, fleshy, and bleeding a bit), so my mom brought her in today to get it checked out.

They shaved the top of her head to clean it, and gave her a shot of antibiotics (along with that dreaded cone..) They also gave us two different types of pills (antibiotics) to give to her two times a day (so, she takes four pills a day in all) and some cream to rub on the wound.

Here's her boo boo.

And here's my little girl..

It looks much better already. I have NO idea what could've caused it, and according to my mom, the vet really doesn't either.

I hope she feels better soon. She's been looking pitiful all day.