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Thread: 8 Week Old Jrtca Jack Russell Terrier!!

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    8 Week Old Jrtca Jack Russell Terrier!!

    We have one Male Jack Russell Terrier Available. He is Tan and White and will probably be between 13 and 14 inches when full grown and have broken or slightly broken coat. He has a JRTCA Pedigree and his parents have done well in JRTCA Terrier Trials. He is $250.00 and can be shipped at the buyers expense to qualified buyers. see pic and Email me at
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    this isn't the place to advertise.. sorry. Most of the members here are advocates of rescue and responsible breeding (not that you aren't a responsible breeder!). I suggest you don't advertise your puppy over the internet or ship to some random home out of state, try meeting the new owners and screening the new home VERY strictly! good luck with placing your puppy he is verry cute, and he definitely deserves a great home

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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