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Thread: Bandits Battle

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    Bandits Battle

    I just wanted to post a note to those who have been such good ears and shoulders while Bandit has been struggling through with Chylothorax.
    Firstly I am sorry for not being around much recently and I admit a lot of it has been due to being caught up with deaing with this absolutely frustrating and maddening condition.
    Bandit had been actually doing very well for about two weeks with things looking as if she possibly might even beat this. Unfortunately this past week she seems to have taken a turn in the opposite direction with reasons unknown to both my vet and myself. We are still hoping but sometimes facts can be so very cruel.
    At the moment though she is coping quite well. She still wants so much to be loved, held and take in as many tummy pats as possible. Her appetite is good, her weight is pretty stable and still on rare occassion attempt to boot her sister out of the way at the food bowls.
    I wish to god I knew why she went from one extreme to the other, but it looks as though that will remain a mystery.
    In the meantime she is still with me and I will continue to cherish each moment we still have together as long as she is happy and able.
    Say a pray for us and keep your fingers crossed for the tables to turn again in our favour.

    ~Amanda & Bandit

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    Bandit your sweet face tells me you're a fighter. So I hope more good time is given to you.

    All the best to you and your mom

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    Prayers for more cherished time with your beautiful Bandit!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    Bandit, you are beautiful and obviously VERY loved. Prayers for you to be comfortable for all the time you remain on Earth, no matter how long that may be.

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    Come on Bandit! I know you can fight this!!! Your mommy is behind you as well as all her friend's here.

    GET WELL!!!!!!


    Stay strong, I know it is hard, but you both will pull through this.
    Bunny & Kitties:

    Taz - F (7); Majerle - M (4) & Loki - M (8 months)
    (pronounced: Marley).

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    Thank you ever so much for all the words of encouragement and the support so desperately needed at times such as these.
    It was back to the vet yesterday a day earlier than usual as Bandits breathing had once again and so very quickly became laboured and short. The vet was only able to remove 60cc's of fluid so why she became so distressed we haven't a clue. The fluid accumulation has decreased but the time between taps has remained the same, if not ncreasing now. And again we are at a loss as to why.
    Today her breathing is short, but her spirits seem better and her appetite is strong. But now her Mum is rather uncertain where to go from here. Our current vet must be out of town for two weeks beginning this Saturday and the thought of another vet seeing to Band's taps, working around their clinic hours and the stress she will more than likely have to endure is heart wrenching. We have been blessed with such a wonderful vet who on the most part has been seeing to her needs at our home and has been Band's doctor since she came into this world. Two weeks in the world of Chylothorax can seem like an eternity and my worst fear will be that the end may come soon and there will be a stranger there instead of our vet and more importantly our friend.
    We are going to take the remainder of the week to watch, listen and assess my little girl. To determine if now we believe her quality of life is being compromised and make the decision as to what is best for her, to whether or not she is truly still a happy girl.
    So my heart is aching and there is a pain I cannot describe, my only prayer now is for my little girl to tell me what she needs for her mum to do. Whatever her choice shall be I will stand by her until the very end no matter when that may come.

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    Heart felt prayers are on the way for a speedy recovery, Bandit.

    Get Well Soon!!!!
    My Sweet Boy, Buddy

    Embrace these little and not so little ones.
    Guard them, protect them, and grant them
    a peace that only we as humans can deny them. Vonnie Matheny

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