Hello All,

We have a 9 year old cat - barn variety. From the time she came home with us at 8 weeks old, she was with a Toy poodle. The two of them were not the best of friends but got along just fine (i.e. no fighting or hissing) occasionally even playing together. We had to put the Toy poodle down 1.5 years ago at almost 16 years of age. 6 weeks ago we brought home and 8 week old standard poodle puppy. The cat wants absolutely nothing to do with him. She hisses and deep belly growls whenever he approaches her. We thought with time, she'd get used to him -no it's only getting worse - he can't even be in the same room as her, without a major temper tantrum on her part, hissing and growling, ears pinned back and the hair stnding up and she eventually just runs off. I'm really not sure how to socialize the two together. I don't want the cat to feel like she's always running for her life and scared of the dog, and I'd liek the dog to have a positive impression of cats. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.