Oh Yeah.... the nightmare sage continues with the evil neighbors!

So Saturday morning.... the evil neighbors were outside shoveling their driveway and their kids and dogs were playing in the yard, so knowing how much trouble their dogs are... I kept mine inside the house waiting for them to go inside. So we waited... and waited... and waited..
I gave up after an hour and a half and got dressed and took them outside, I was TRYING to beat Sierra to the fence so I could stop my pups from jumping on the fence. But.. Sierra is like a bolt of lighting and ZOOM.. she was gone, but she didn't jump ON the fence.. Oh nooooo... not Sierra... she jumped right OVER the fence into their yard and started playing with their puppy (she Loves puppies) the evil lady yelled at her and pointed to our yard, and she jumped right back in the yard. Then looked at me like "What? I just wanted to play??" So inside we went, and I KNEW they were going to call the Sheriff. Sure enough... 15 minuets later... a Sheriff's car was in their yard, and then a few minuets later... there was a knock at my door. The evil lady next door said her daughter was terrified to see Sierra jumping into their yard and ATTACKING there dogs. HELLO!! Duh.. I was out there also... there were no attacks!! She was over there for all of about 15 seconds.. just long enough to say "hi" to the little guy
Anyway.. the deputy said she noticed this was an on going thing with us, and more or less said she has better things to do. But I had to let her know how much money we've spent to keep our dogs safe and they have done NOTHING!!!!!
So, that night my hubby and I decided we needed to put invisible fencing in our yard AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
We've already spent almost $3000 to fence in our yard NOW we have to spend MORE?!?!?!?!!!?!?
OMG... I wanted to go next door and PUNCH HER LIGHTS OUT!!
So, the hubby and I realized it's winter and we're not about to go digging in the ground now, so we bought a wireless one. The transmitter makes a 90' circle from where it's installed and if the dog goes outside of that "safe" zone it is then corrected. That was $300!!!!!!!! Oh I want to send my neighbors info on it and tell them that they need to buy one too!! We are installing it tomorrow, my poor baby girl has been tied up inside our fenced in yard since Saturday AM. poor baby... but I've told her she's a bad girl. She makes me so sad, Buddy will be running around in the snow and she'll just sit at the end of her cable and cry and howl But she'll be able to run around again soon!

If the evil neighbors dog would have never started jumping on our fence.... we would not be having all of these problems now!