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Thread: RIP Heywood

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    RIP Heywood

    My friend Emily just lost her dog Heywood. She lives in Chicago and she brought Heywood out to MI once and Kia spent the weekend with Heywood at Emily's parents house a few months ago.

    Here's the email I received:

    So this break hasn't been that great so far.

    Some of you knew my dog Heywood either from camping or from other stuff. He was getting old, but he was still doing all right. Then yesterday he just seemed to be more down than usual. He'd been to the vet two days before though and his lab work came back okay, so I wasn't too worried.

    He was laying in his dog bed most of the afternoon and around 5pm I went to check on him and he was showing signs of being really sick. (White gums, dimished breath sounds, fast heart rate, shaking) I told my parents we needed to take him to the vet ER like 5 minutes ago. Heywood couldn't walk so we had to carry him. (He's a big dog - like 100 lbs)

    At the vet they were able to stabilize him and even though he was sick they were pretty positive he was going to live out the night and they sent us home. They called a few hours later to tell me the results of some lab work and while we were on the phone Heywood stopped breathing. Given his age I'd signed a DNR for him, but I had the ridiculous notion that if I got off the phone and drove really fast, I could get there before he died.

    Obviously I didn't make it in time.

    He was the kind of dog you only meet once if at all and I don't know how I got so lucky. We had so many adventures together. When I lived in Washington we were part of Seattle Search and Rescue and the Delta Society (visiting sick kids in the hospital). He wasn't allowed on Mt. Rainier, but nearly every other peak I summitted he was right there with me and if it was winter he ran down in the track of my snowboard. He used to "own" part of Microsoft because he went to work with me everyday and at lunch he'd re-mark his territory around the building where I worked.

    He lived his final years with my parents who came to love him as much as I do. I used to call this his "retirement home" even though he was still pretty active here.

    I'm having him cremated so that we can scatter his ashes in some of our favorite places: the off-lead dog park, the local beach, and the next time I'm in Washington, the Cascade mountains.

    Even though I knew this day was coming, I wasn't expecting it to be so sudden. And the strangest thing of all is that I always celebrated his birthday on Christmas because I brought him home from the shelter on Christmas eve in 1996.

    I'm going to miss him.


    Here are a few pictures I have of him.

    Heywood at the Bark Park in MI

    Relaxing with Kia afterwards


    We smell pizza!

    The last time Andy, Kia and I saw Heywood...
    Going for a walk in costume before the parade in Chicago.

    Andy giving Heywood some love before we left.

    We'll miss you Heywood.
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    a <call> on the Prayer Line ...

    Hi, Momma-Em ~

    It's me, Heywood, callin frum da Bridge!

    Sorrie I left in such a rush, but God called an needed sum
    help on ChrissMiss Eve up here at The Rainbow Bridge.

    He wuz a lil short on *singerz* in the Bridge Choir,
    so I sat inna Bear-a-Tone section an did summa my best *Howlin*!

    Hope you stepped out an looked up on ChrissMiss Eve -
    I wuz <*wavin*>

    Don't fret, Mom - I'll meet ya at the Bridge when it's tyme.

    Miss ya, Mom, Gram, an Gramps!


    {{{HUGS}}} to Emily and Kimmy ~
    Rest In Peace, Heywood.


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    Oh, wow. I am so sorry.

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    Heywood was a really laid-back good dog from all I've heard and seen of him. At the Bark Park, he was the kind of dog that would go break up ANY dog confrontations he saw, yet could seem like a very gentle dog to everyone around him.

    I remember Emily telling us stories of him when she lived in Seattle at their 40 acre dog park they had there. That's right, I said 40 acre dog park. and of his times as a search and rescue type dog. The part about taking him to work I guess was true also. He was mellow enough they actually let him chill out in the building during Emily's work hours.

    He will be missed by us.
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    Oh how sad.... but at the same time.. what a wonderful life Heywood had!! His life sounds like it couldn't have been any better!!

    RIP sweetie!!! Play Hard!
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    Emily is currently going to school to be a veterinerian, so even at Heywood's aging years, he had the best mommy to care for him, since she knew a lot of what to do in situations with his health.

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    RIP Heywood. What a beautiful doggie.

    Thank you joanofark for the great siggy

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your friends dog Heywood's passing. It really seems he had a wonderful life and I'm sure he will be deeply missed.

    R.I.P. Heywood

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    What an amazing dog and what a beautiful, rich, meaningful life he lead. I'm so sorry for your great loss, Kia and Emily and all the people who were touched and lives enriched by this magnificent canine. The world is a little less bright without you in it, Heywood. Run with the wind in your tail now, beautiful Heywood and wait there patiently at the Bridge for your Mom, who misses you with all of her heart. Bless you, beautiful Heywood. Love, Sandra

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    Heywood was such a handsome boy! RIP Dear one, you will be missed

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    Rest Easy Heywood...

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    Oh what a handsome boy Heywood was!!! He led an impressive life, too! RIP, Heywood and have fun at RB!
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    What a kind face you have Heywood. May you play happily until you see your family again. Rest sweet one.

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    Found out some more tidbits about Heywood's times in the mountains when they lived in Seattle. His ideas of having fun included jumping off 20 foot high cliffs into snowbanks, running headfirst into trees, and trudging through snow so deep it covered his body and he had to continuously jump porpoise-style up and out of the snow again and again until he found a higher spot where he could stand on the snow. Crazy guy.


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