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Thread: No Return Policy?

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    No Return Policy?

    Has anyone heard of this? It was on the news after Thanksgiving I think. That you are only allowed to make a certain amount of returns in you're life and if you exceed them you are not able to make anymore returns ever?
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    That sounds CRAZY! I've heard of certain stores saying no returns before Jan 5th or something like that after the holiday, but never a lifetime limit!!

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    Oh Gud GRIEF!!

    CRAZY = Yes;
    True = Seems like it...

    Google found several TV Story hits on "return limit" -
    here's one of them >>>

    CBS TV11 - Dallas/Ft Worth

    Here's another article - more detailed >>>

    About "The Return Exchange"

    ALL the articles say you can CALL The Return Exchange at
    and ask if they hava a "file" on you.
    They say they will send you a copy of your file.

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    NOte to Self - Are they doing that in UK????? arggghhhh!

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    That's insane!! I hope itis like a HUGE lifetime limit...not that I return that much, but still

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    I knew of this from a relative in retail. If you are someone who constantly buys things - especially on sale - then returns them, a retailer has the right to no longer sell to you. At some point, all the time and effort involved in processing return make it simply not worth it for them to sell anything to you in the first place.

    It makes sense if you think about it.

    This only applies to "habitual abusers," not someone who normally buys stuff, but occasionally needs to return things.

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    I have heard of this.

    I had to deal with this around the time of my wedding last year. Luckily I didn't have to take back too much stuff. I was told to wait until I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to take back and do it all at once because it's not how many items you can take back, it's how many times . . . I think at Wal-mart it's like 2 or 3 times per year.

    I'm not sure about other stores.

    If you think about it, this is good for people that go buy stuff, leave the tags on (like clothes) and then take them back after wearing 1 time. I could never bring myself to do that!


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    I have returned more stuff in the last 3 years than I have in my whole lifetime!! I had bought a real cute lamp that I needed and I loved it. I liked it so much that I wanted another one for my computer desk so I went and bought another one... THEN, the first one I bought, just quit working... So I took the reciept from the one I just bought and the box and went got another one to replace the one that broke....

    I would not normally do something like that but the one that quit working wasn't but several months old! They USE to make stuff that lasts, am I wrong to expect things to last these days too?

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    I buy stuff for the kids and hubby all the time and return cuz they don't like. Also I don't like to try on at the store for myself...just sort of a wierd thing but it seems like things don't look the same at the store so I return often...but I buy a lot also....never had them take my drivers license though unless I didn't have the reciept..but that rarely happens.

    I know at sams club you can only return 3 times a year with no receipt...that makes sense to me.
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    I knew of someone who went into a department store right before Thanksgiving and bought 12 place settings of an expensive china pattern.

    Then right after Thanksgiving she returned it all.

    Now there is someone who should be banned from returning things!

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    Thats awful! Hopefully they didn't resell it!
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    How much do you want to bet that they did!

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    A spokeswoman for Body Fashion Promotion said while men think their partners will be pleased with the raunchy garments, the women are less than pleased and would rather swap them for something more practical.

    International director for lingerie firm Triumph, Rob Brand, said: "A man who is looking for lingerie for his wife or girlfriend often doesn't pick something that he thinks she will like, but buys underwear he would like to see her in."

    Brand added: "Most men choose a deep red colour, which obviously appeals to them. But women think differently and prefer something less intense. In winter their preference is definitely for black."

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