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Thread: Looking for talented and unusual pets!

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    Looking for talented and unusual pets!

    Hi! I'm a story producer for a television show devoted to people and their pets on the Animal Planet Network in the U.S. and on the Life Network in Canada. I'm always looking for unusual and inspiring pet stories for our show. Do you and your pet participate in organized events, i.e. The Ferret Games, Hedgehog Olympics, Skunks as Pets Show? Does your pet have any unusual habits or companions (i.e. your budgie is best friends with your cat?). Do you take your pet to places where you wouldn't normally bring a pet? I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks so much,
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    I don't know what kind of animals you want but I have a very inspring story!Our 2 wild baby birds. I guess there mother was pushing them out of the nest. The one of the Babies fell out of the nest so we put him back up there but that night it go to cold for him to be out there on the ledge of the nest so we brought him in side (Baby). We feed him exact exotict bird formula. The next day we noticed that there was yet another baby bird up there. We let it stay there till that night when it got to cold for him (Troy) To be up there by himself we brought him inside .I feed them about every half hour to an hour. I have to come home if I am out playing with freinds or if I am juts in the living room watching tv I have to stop and feed them. They seem to be healthy. Our hopes are high that they will make it. And we pray that they will be ok and will be able to be returned to the wild when they grow up!

    I hope you find this story as touching as I do. I love them dearly and can not exprese how much I will miss them when they grow up and "leave the nest".

    Nikki, Troy and Baby

    ~:~:In memory of Robie the Squirrel~:~:We miss you derly

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    I have a 9 year old tabby who is diabetic and needs 2 shots a day and needs special food and he is the bestest kitty in the world!!!

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