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Thread: I sure wish i was on Oprah today:o!

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    I sure wish i was on Oprah today:o!

    omg did you see how much stuff she gave away??!??!?? Holy Smokes,i couldnt beleive what i was seeing,laptops,$100 gift cards for much stuff!! ill have to find a list on what she gave away.

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    heres what she gave away to her WHOLE audience full of teachers

    Quilted Jacket and Cashmere Scarf by Burberry
    Dell™ 30" Wide-Screen LCD TV
    Bourjois Lip Products
    Eileen Fisher Waffle-Weave Merino Stretch Zip Cardigan and Pant
    Maytag® Neptune® Top-Load Washer and Drying Center
    Lollia Lifestyle Collection
    Hand-Blown Crystal Champagne Glasses by Deborah Ehrlich
    Dooney & Bourke Leather Duffle Bag
    Miraval Resort and Spa—Life in Balance
    Apple Bottom Jeans by Nelly
    Museum Automatic Arté Watch by Movado
    Gourmet Florida Key Lime Bundt Cake
    Italian Water Garden Tea Service
    SpecialTeas Fine Tea Gift Certificate
    Williams-Sonoma Home Bedding
    The Magellan® RoadMate™ 700
    Dell™ Pocket DJ™
    OfficeMax Gift Certificate
    Sony VAIO® S260 Notebook computer
    Bebe Winans' A Christmas Prayer & Starbucks Gift Card

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    I wish I was there too!

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    She is an awesome lady!! Wish I had been there the day she gave the audience a new car!

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    Was it her Favorite Things show? I love to watch that and drool. Wished I had seen it.

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    Originally posted by GraciesMommy
    She is an awesome lady!! Wish I had been there the day she gave the audience a new car!
    I just want to point out something. She wasn't giving away the cars. It was the company who made the cars that were giving them away - she just said she was giving them away. That's when a bunch of people came up and complained about the taxes on it and insurance they were going to have to pay. If she had bought them herself and given them away (which she can most defintely afford) the people in the audience would not have had to pay the taxes on the cars (federal taxes, I do believe). But heck, if I was handed a car, I'd pay the taxes on it without complaining!!

    Sorry, I just wanted to point it out... I listened to this story for like 40 minutes on Rush Limbaugh, then heard another 2 hours from my dad about it.

    But yes, I'd love to be there and get free stuff. Who can pass up free stuff?
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    I was wondering if anyone else watched that. I would have loved to been on that show today. Tons of free stuff, not junk either. really good stuff! I think I was more excited than the audience. I was jumpin up and down and stuff and all happy. Heck I wasn't even the one gettting the goodies haha!

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    Yes, this was her favorite things show! She finds the neatest stuff She's a very generous and kind hearted soul...

    No, she didn't give the cars away herself but she also didn't say that she was the one giving them away I saw the show and she told the audience that all the cars were given away courtesty of the car company; she was just the liason. The problem that arose was that while the car was free, as with any gift, you have to pay a "gift tax" if the value exceeds 10.000.00 which in the case of a car, can be a lot of money! Rush Limbaugh thought that she should pay the gift tax for all the ones who got the cars. As they say, nothing in life is free!

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    I saw the show . . . it was pretty awesome! Really great that she invited an audience full of teachers too . . . teachers are really deserving people!

    As for the free car thing . . . I'd gladly pay the taxes & insurance on a free car! I'm still making car payments on my 1999 Cougar & taxes & insurance . . . getting rid of that car payment every month would be a piece of cake!

    I guess if they couldn't afford the taxes/insurance, they could always turn the gift down!?!?

    ~RIP Abby Jan 14, 1995 - July 21, 2005~

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    I agree with you guys. Oprah is a wonderful woman. She's using her fame and her money to make a difference in the world. I admire her very much, and also respect her. As for giving stuff away, like the cars and stuff, I think that is a great way of Public Relations. She benefits, the audience benefits, as well as the company doing all the donations. No one should complain. Have a great holiday everyone! :-)

    Happiness is the little things in life.

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