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Thread: The Friendship Thread

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    Off to the races....
    The people I depend on most is my husband, my parents and my sister (and my brother too), but they are all part of PT (except my brother)

    Outside of my family, my best friend, Amber I have known since I was about 10 years old. She lives in St. Louis now, with her husband and his 3 sons, so we don't get to see each other as often anymore, but when we do talk, we don'tmiss a beat. I am going to see her (finally!) next weekend, and very excited!

    Another good friend from high school, Angela, still lives in Findlay, though we don't talk as much anymore. Still, I am fairly condfident if something came up, and I needed her, she'd be there. I hadn't talked to her in a few months last May, but when I called and left her a voice mail that Amber's grandpa died, she was at the funeral home, and the threeofus picked up where we left off.

    Another good friend, Carla, was my roommate incollege. We kinda lost touch after we both got married, but Ihave begun emailing her again, and we are tryng to get together soon. I have not seen her since my brother's college graduation 3 years ago.

    This is Amber (L) and Angela (R) at my wedding

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    My two best friends . . . my husband and my mom!

    ~RIP Abby Jan 14, 1995 - July 21, 2005~

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    Nope don't have close or casual friends! I have my husband who is my best friend but I need a womans friendship as well...and thats something I don't have close or casual. When I want to go shopping or out to eat luch or something I do it by myself because there is no one...*wishes that friend would hurry up and come around* but I'm still a happy person no matter if I have friends or not but it would be nice. My husband is great I can't complain but sometimes I just need you know a females friendship. I pretty much lost my friends when I got married and had a child, so was they really my friends in the first place?

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    What a happy thread. I've always felt that friends are the family you choose for yourself.

    I do have some very wonderful people as my friends outside PT.

    First, there's CiCi. I met her working at the vet clinic and I'm so glad. She's the type of person who's always, always there for you. She spent the day with me and took me home during my last hospital visit and came with me during some of my iron treatments. She's the type of person who is honest when she needs to be and always, always kind. We have different beliefs and outlooks on a lot of things, but respect each other and listen to each other. I think CiCi is the best friend I've ever had.

    Next, there's Susie. She's my cats vet and regardless of how crazy with my kitties I am, she never lets on that I am. She's there for me and when we're together I've never had more fun with another person, ever. She's kind and sweet and always can make me laugh. She's wonderful.

    Dana is someone I've been friends with for many years. We lost touch a bit, but are now talking again. No matter what's going on in our lives, if we get busy, whatever, we can always slip back into our friendship. She's the type of person who is a caregiver. Always thinking of those before herself. She's a genuine sweetheart.

    My mom is probably my best friend. I love her to death and can't imagine life without her. With her being in Florida these past months has been horrible. She always has my best interests in mind, even if I don't want to hear it. We're so much alike, and that makes me proud. Gosh, I love that woman.

    I'm not allowed to say Karen (wolflady), because I met her on PT. But I love her to pieces too. We have so much in common and always have fun together.

    A somewhat new friend is Katy. I have a feeling we'll be friends for a very long time. She's someone who you can tell cares about others a great deal. She's sweet and fun and I hope we'll always be friends.

    I don't have a very large family, so my friends mean so much to me.
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Originally posted by Tonya
    One of my good friends is named Tyleen. (Spelled a little different.) That's only the second time I've heard that name.
    Yeah, it's not very common.

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    7,003 mom joined PT so she doesn't count J/K

    Mom has been a rock for me all my life. I can talk to her about ANYTHING and she will never get mad at me. Sometimes she will get upset but she is always good about explaining why unlike some parents who just get POed and yell. She is the only one in my family *Still and its been a year* to support my marrage. It's tough having a whole family hate your life partner, and I am very greatful that mom understands.

    And of course, my husband is my best friend. Once when we first started dating, my dad got all upset and started to yell and scream and I walked out. It was about 3 am and I just showed up on John's door and he let me in. Let me cry on him until sunrise too . He is the most understanding person I have ever met. He has gotten me through a lot of difficult things. I won't lie and say our relationship has been perfect but we've survived things that most couples would devorce over and I am very proud of that. I love him so much, and it seems as if we've always been together.

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    Yep, my best friend Josie. I've known her since the first grade and she is amazing. We've been through so much together and we've always been there for eachother. I don't know what I'd do without her.

    I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running
    from one falling star to another till i drop. This is the night, what it does to you.
    I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.
    - Jack Kerouac; On The Road

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