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    All of you on here know what it's like to love your pets!
    That's why I REALLY need some advice right now.
    Not everyone might know me on here but for the ones that's crucial for me to get your advice on this.
    I REALLY love my pets & most all animals in general!
    I've talked about my 2 dogs (still don't have pics).
    Wicket (my Lhasa) I've had for 3 1/2 years & Waffles (Mini American Eskimo) I've had now for about 9 months.
    The issue I'm having is: my husband really doesn't care for Waffles. She STILL isn't potty trained, barks a lot, digs holes in the backyard, need I go on. Well, I love her enough not to really care about these things. The one thing that does bother me is, that our 1st dog Wicket hasn't seemed to come around to her. They fight a lot, I mean truely go at it sometimes where I have to break it up & the poor girl cries but doesn't back down either.
    There are times when they'll run & play but other times when they don't get along at all.
    This may go away in time, but my husband DOESN"T agree.
    He thinks Wicket's whole being has changed since we took her in (from a friend that couldn't keep her).
    The REAL problem I am facing is my husband.....he threatened to get rid of her last week if I didn't! I cried myself to sleep that night.
    Then the next day, I went & bought 4 different books on how to train her correctly. I asked him to give her 1 more shot & that I would train her myself & keep her crated during the day while we're gone. He agreed!
    Now, I'm facing another issue.....I told my friend about the whole situation & she has found someone willing to take Waffles in a few weeks. They are an older couple, living about an hour away with farmland for her to run. They had an Eskie that died 2 years ago & miss it terribly. The man is having heart surgery so can not take her until he recovers.
    My issue......I want to CRY just thinking about it. After all this heartache & now someone wants her. I took her in when my friend couldn't keep her. I've had her since Feb., spayed her, take care of all the necessaties, etc. But.....I have to think about HER too!
    I just want to run & hide & cry my soul out!
    I know I would still have Wicket but having Waffles for that long. How could I just let her go to someone I don't know? My friend says that they are a loving couple, that cared for their dog dearly. They have the love for her, definitely the room, & wouldn't scold her for going potty in the house.
    I could keep her & try the training but what if I fail & my husband gets mad again & wants to get rid of her? What if I miss my chance of giving her to someone that WANTS her? I'd miss her so much too....
    Please......I know this is a long thread....but my heart is just BREAKING right now! Any help, advice, anything would be appreciated!!!!

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    Pick one method from one of the books and concentrate on potty training her for the next two weeks. Be completely consistent and, well, dogged about insisting she do her "business" outdoors. Do not let her get away with any slip-ups, even if you have to keep her on a leash so you know where she is every monute. Is she crate-trained at all?

    This is not an insurmountable problem unless she has something medically wrong with her.

    If, after two weeks of devotion she is no better, only then should you think about rehoming her.

    Get your husband in on the training as well, if you can.

    And if you are consistent and stern and love her to pieces when she "gets it right" and she still isn't potty-trained, then perhaps this new home MIGHT be an alternative, but you;d visit first, and get to know the people, and maybe you'd feel better about it - if it comes down to it.

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    I agree with Karen. Start again from the begining put her out every 2 hrs or when you think of it. When I was training Mercedes I would run with her up the grass I heard this makes them wanna go potty (it worked), dunno if it's true though LOL. Maybe tell the elderly couple you'd really love to keep her so your gonna try something new and say if it doesn't work out would you still be willing to take her... People can be really understanding in situations like this it also shows your not just giving up on her. Crate or lock her in one room during the day that way if there is any accidents it's all in one place easier to find/clean up. You have to be consistant though remember to keep putting her out if not she will just go back to old habits. If you work in the day put her out before you go early enough that if she doesn't do anything that she has to stay out till she does. Also try and come home for lunch to let her out or if you can't see if hubby can. You both have to work as a team at this. Good luck I hope I've helped.

    edit: oh yeah maybe until she's trained pick up her water so she's not continually drinking all day when your gone or sleeping it may help if she's peeing a lot. Just be sure to let her drink when you get home and before she goes out in the am...
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    I agree with Karens post also. Please dont give up! Good Luck!

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    I also agree with Karen.Mabye,if there are Obediance classes there that would help. PetSmart has potty training classes also,but i dont know if you have Petsmart.

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