Hi all, been lurking a while, finally registered! I adopted a shelter dog about a month ago, Mika, the sweetest lab/Rhodie, but have one issue with her. The first time she met my neighbor they were all love and affection, the next time was when she took off around the block and when I caught her I was holding her by the collar and the neighbor said hi to her--she nearly took his face off. She reacted the same way with the new vet (I had my arm over her when he walked in) and does the same with the gardening service or any vendor-type person at the door (understandable, and even then I'm holding her by the collar).

The vet became her best friend with a biscuit. We've tried that with the neighbor, but she still barks at him, even last night when I let her go completely to go up to him. He's being a bit nasty about it, unfortunately, and she's probably picking that up. When we go to the dog park she will happily jump up on the bench and make friends with male or female. She came from a family who got divorced and the man brought her to the shelter "I can't be bothered with a dog" but she was at least up to date with shots and he had to pay $100 to relinquish her, so he must have cared a bit!

Having had a Rhodie for 11 years (RIP Thandi, my South African baby), I really can't face another dog who shows any aggression to any child or man. My Rhodie hated children or other dogs.

Any suggestions? The vet said that when I take her for a walk to give strange men a biscuit to feed her.

PS: How the heck do I post a pic on this site?