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Thread: Baseball fans ONLY!!!!!

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    Baseball fans ONLY!!!!!


    After the page loads click on "The Collection"

    Be prepared to spend a few minutes gawking, getting goosebumps and smiling.

    One of the items in his collection is a bottle of champagne from the Red Sox '86 campaign. The label says 'Boston Red Sox '86 Champs'

    He also has a wonderful book called "Baseball Letters"

    Great stuff!!!!
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    What an awesome site Richard! Goosebumps for sure! Brought back so many memories of my childhood in Brooklyn...Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds Stan Musial was one of my Dad's favorites. Can you imagine, they used to be able to throw the ball AT the runner to get him out And can you imagine Johnny Vander Meer...TWO CONSECUTIVE NO HITTERS, a feat never duplicated! Whoa! And then there's the "Game That Wouldn't End." 18 plus hours!!! Hmmm, didn't we just have that a couple weeks ago? His book will definitely be on my Christmas list! Thanks for the smiles and just a few tears too I need to go rent the Lou Gehrig story, "Pride of the Yankees." It's enough to make a grown man, or woman cry!
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