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Thread: Any Utahns interested in meeting up?

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    Any Utahns interested in meeting up?

    I will be flying to Utah on the 19th and leaving on the 27th of November.
    I'll be staying with Amy (wolf_Q) who is in the Utah County Area.
    Her and I are wondering if anyone would like to meet up on one of those days?

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    That's a great idea and sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

    However I'm three hours from Utah County...I'm in Sevier county which is in south-central Utah; right in the middle of nowhere. hehe So I wouldn't be able to make it all the way up there, especially with the price of gas.

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    I will be in Salt Lake City taking my mom to the doctor on November 15, and again on December 2 ... so it looks like I will miss you both times!
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