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Thread: Is there a story to your pets name?

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    Is there a story to your pets name?

    I was in that thread what was your pets name before you got it, and i was thinking why you named your pets its name. Is there a story to it?

    Sallys name before we got her was Shyla, I guess she was the most shy of her litter. Her name was Sally way before we even got her.
    My first dog was named Sammy, I was really little when we had to get rid of her. Then about 5 years later we got a dog named Lady, things didnt really work out with her either. Well Sallys name is kind of those two names put together. Sammy and Sally are very similar, and Lady and Sally have some things in common also.
    Anyways I was just curious to hear how your pets got their names...
    [size=1]Rachel & Sally

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    [size=1]Rachel & Sally

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    well, not really a story behind "Zeus", except that he's a pug and we wanted to give him a "tough guy" name that would fit his personality

    Mackenzie... got her name because when I was reeally little I used to pretend to be a golden retriever puppy named Mackenzie

    Muffin... was rescued off the streets, and my mom and I were in the playroom at our old house, and we were trying to think of names for her, (she was being called, "Cuddles" at the time.. ) and I said out loud, "What about, "Muffin"? and she turned around and came running over.

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    Josie: No idea...I couldn't think of anything and I had just read some book with a character named Josie and I liked it...

    Zeke: Zeke Anderson from "Tour Of Duty' I loved the character too Anyone see that show? I've posted this before I think but no one ever said they seen it so I'm guessing not

    Kiba: I wanted her to have a Japanese name. I had a bunch I liked, but Kiba is easiest to pronous/I liked it most. (means Fang)

    Smitten: -ahem- I had no idea smitten was a word when I named her to be honest...I had ALWAYS wanted a cat when I was a kid and I wanted to name it Mittens. But I couldn't decide if I wanted to name her Mittens or some other anme I don't remember that started with an s. so I got smitten..lmao

    "NAZO": I don't have any pet named Nazo... but my next kitty will definitly be named Nazo. I love the name. It's japanese for enigma/riddle/puzzle/whatever you want to call it. I want a black I really want another that Kiba is living here, if she ever gets use to the dogs/the dogs her then I think I might be able to talk my dad into one >:] They don't take up a lot of room like dogs.

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    As soon as I found out I was finally allowed to start looking for a dog I went on naming websites and narrowed it down to the top 20 names. I didn't decide on Emme untill we were in the car going to get her.

    Moco- The lady that was taking care of him at the Pet store suggested Moco, because at the time he was Mocha colored. He has really changed in color since we got him.

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    Sasha Marie came from a used car lot, and I didn't know what to name her, and I remembered a little girl at my church who carries stuffed animal cats with her wherever she goes. One day, she had one with her and I said, what's its name, and she said in the most precious voice, Sasha Marie, so that's how I decided to name the baby Sasha Marie! Of course, I have a million nicknames for her too, but that's her "official" name.

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    My pets:
    Bandit was already named when we got him.
    Most of the time we call him Bandy, rather than Bandit though. Lol.
    I don't like the name very much, but everyone said it would confuse him if I was to change it.

    Annie was already named when I got her, and the name fits her really well so I didn't change it.

    Bailee went through several names (Cassie, Maggie, Sammi, and Greta), but I kept coming back to the name Bailey... She's a little tomboy, and people say Bailey is a boys name so I just changed the spelling a little to make it more feminine and it stuck. I think it fits her well.

    My moms pets:
    Molly, my moms dog went through a couple of names, but I can't remember them. We finally thought of Molly and it fits her.

    Angel was named by my sister. She was a really sweet kitten and my sister always called her "A sweet little Angel",, so thats how she got her name.

    Lilly's full name is Tiger Lilly. Shes a tabby, so she has tiger stripes, and we got her in December. So I suggested the name.

    Lucy. We couldn't think of a name for her, and one night we were watching "I Love Lucy", and I said "Why don't we name her Lucy??" Lucille Ball and our Lucy are both loud and goofy, so I think it kind of fits her.

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    Most of them arrived named, but some of them have stories...

    Muskwa didn't have a name at all until he was about four months old. My hubby couldn't think of the right name. He was originally going to be Heyoka, but it just didn't fit. My husband is a Cree Indian and he was talking to his medicine man one day who told him that he has a bear spirit. The medicine man said that Muskwa also had a bear spirit and that was why the two of them had connected so strongly. Muskwa means bear in Cree.

    Hoodoo was named by his breeder. He was the first of the litter to learn to howl and she was always asking him "who do you think you are?". The first part stuck with a different spelling.

    Heyoka's name was Nanook at the shelter. I hate that name for a northern breed dog. We had him at home for about two hours when we realized that this was our Heyoka. Heyoka means a "crazy clown who teaches through his antics" in Cree. It fits him perfectly and he has always answered to it.
    If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you must find the courage to live it.
    --John Irving

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    My husband named our Lhasa Apso "Wicket" like the character in Star Wars (Ewoks). I swear sometimes it should be Wicked....he's got a temper on him! (His original name was Clifford, not fitting)
    Then we got our second dog from my friend who couldn't keep her. But she asked us to please keep the same name......"Waffles" (Miniature American Eskimo), her 6 year old son named her....I guess he liked that name!
    So together we have Wicket & Waffles!

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