Tonight, at 10:30 I went to let Nicki out for one last potty break. I get to the kitchen and brrr.. its chilly. I turned on the light and saw the door to the mudroom was wide open... and there's a distinctive breeze blowing through... I ran to the door - take a guess - the outside door was WIDE OPEN! :IgnoreCat

I screamed! My heart beat much too fast. I flew up the stairs to grab a sweatshirt and round the troops - we were going cat hunting in the pitch darkness. I checked the rooms - no Allen, Pouncer or Evie/Abby. Harry was in the bedroom with us.

Grant got downstairs before I did and he rounded the cats... all three were out back! Even just reporting that makes me sick. Little Evie/Abby was loose in the night. Pouncer and Allen too (though I honestly wasn't worried about Allen) I was sick about the other two.

Of course NOBODY was outside recently. Ah-huh... tell me another one. They swear they shut the door properly. Obviously they hadn't. I usually lock up, so I wasn't worried about them not locking up properly.. just shutting the door properly.