We have a spare laptop that has not been working, but our plan was for it to go to the computer doctor and be repaired so that our children would have a separate computer to use in their own "space". Unfortunately, I didn't close the machine up as I should have, and when I left the birds out one day last week, Roger decided to try and fix it himself. Scott and I have decided that probably no doctor can fix this mess now! The keys were NOT the problem, Roger!!!!!

That same day, all 3 Cockatiels found the cords to our home computer (which happened to be at the computer doctor) and completely chewed through the speaker wires, and made some pretty good messes on the power cord and the mouse cord! Thankfully, the speakers were the only ones to meet their total demise, and my husband, being the sweet man he is, did not propose grilled Cockatiel for dinner.