Voters offered free striptease

Ukrainian voters are being offered a free striptease in a bid to win their votes for a presidential candidate.

Campaigners for current Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich organised the free striptease shows in the Santa Fe bar in Donetsk hoping they could get people to re-elect their man, local media reported.

One organiser said: "We hope the voters will remember who gave them this show for free when they go to the ballot box."

The elections are scheduled for October 31 and according to polls Viktor Yanukovich has 33 percent of the vote while his opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko has 31 percent.



2) I love this..........

Q: Who DID you vote for??

A: VIKTOR Y, of course!

3) Halloween!

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You'd have to be a boob not to know who to vote for!

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