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Thread: 10 Second Affair.

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    Oh yeah - I go thru this every time I get to see my spine surgeon. He's in his late 40's and looks like a college kid - is single - and super nice too. I even get a hug from him on some of my appointments. He's a hotty...............if only I wasn't old enough to be his mother!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slick View Post
    Just have to resurrect this thread. I have just returned home from a 10-day road trip to Alberta to visit some friends. While I was there I became very ill and had to go to the ER. After they ran a series of tests and I'm lying there in all my glory, save a hospital gown, in walks this doctor, and I He was tall, dark and extremely handsome. Our eyes locked and we both smiled at each other at the same time. My knees felt weak and all I could think about was "how do I look?"

    Diagnosis was bacterial pneumonia and during our 10 min "affair" he actually listened to my chest - heart pounding and all.

    Holy crap was his good looking.

    Oh my Slick, and just cannot stop laughing ....!!

    And..... yes, i plead.... guilty too....

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    When began working, all the doctors - this was about the mid 70's - we the left overs from the recent wars. They were all cranky old guys and the women doctors were few and far in between.

    As the years went by, the physicians became younger and younger - with more women filling out the ranks. By the time I stopped working, it seemed like all the new doctors had just put down their Legos and Barbies and walked into the buildings to begin working.


    When I ended up in the hospital, I was truly staggered at the baby faces I saw - It was a teaching hospital, so they were really young!


    I was asleep one morning and a woman's voice woke me up. I looked up and my heart stopped. A 10 second affair.

    It belonged to a doctor who wanted to me my internal medicine doctor - At first I thought it was a joke, she was young and attractive and I thought, "She is not a doctor - she is way too pretty".

    After I got out of the hospital, she took over my care and everything was good.


    As part of my 'rehab' I took my blood pressure readings daily and recorded the numbers in a book.

    When I brought the book in to show Dr. B, she was kinda confused.

    They were normal, until I got to the office on my check up days.


    She took my book to ask another doctor about it and came back in a few minutes later. She told me I have 'White Coat Disease'.

    WCD is a joke about a patient getting anxious about seeing a doctor - the BP goes up in anticipation of seeing a doctor.

    We shared a laugh about it and I thought, "Dang, what a way to be found out.....betrayed by my own heart......"

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    It must be a doctor thing lol. I had a lovely young Doc look after me a few weeks back in ER. I didn't mind all that much about still being there at 1am.

    I hope you are recovering from your affair and illness Slick .
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