Does anybody else have a cat that's crazy about gadgets?

My Boomer goes nuts as soon as the cell phone rings. He loves those polyphonic ringtones for some reason. He comes running, starts talking and wants to chew on the phone and I have to hold the phone up to his face...not just to his ears, but to his face so he can feel it. The second I touch it, he comes running and I have to play the ringtones to him. I actually have to hide the phone now, or he tries stealing it (and it's so small he can easily pick it up in his mouth).

It's the same with my little facial massager - it looks like an electrical toothbrush and he steals it whenever he can get away with it and he loudly complains if it's turned off. The latest item of interest is the pump for the little cat tv (fish bowl). He just loves, that it's buzzing and tries chewing on it.

I've never experienced this before, but he's done it since he was a kitten, and it has me shaking my head at him, lol.