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Thread: Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?

    Hey Guys

    Ok its my friends b-day and she wants me to burn her a cd for a present (i have no idea why but whatever ) I am 10 songs short. Can anyone give me any ideas of songs, she likes the maroon 5, bonjovi kind of stuff! Help!

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    what songs do you have on so far?

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    Bon Jovi ROCKS!!

    Put some Bon Jovi on there


    now she's slowly opening
    new eyes.

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    1)This Love- Maroon 5
    2)Beauty Queen- Maroon 5
    3)Its my life- Bon Jovi
    4)Living on a Prayer- Bon Jovi
    5)Where is the love - Black eyed peas
    6)The boogie that Be- Black eyed peas
    7) Hey Mama- Black eyed peas
    8) Lets Get it Started - Black eyed peas

    Thats it. lol

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    1),3),4) and 5) are awesome! Ok I suggest:

    I hear you calling - Gob
    Give Up the grudge - Gob

    Maybe some Billy Talent? Not exactly sure what she would like though..




    -thank you Poppy for the avatar.

    R.I.P. Hanson. You will never be forgotten, and we await the day to see you once again. The imprint you left on my heart will never fade - your big beautiful brown eyes, your big soggy kisses...

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