Hi Folks, Nicki here. I gotta beef with my mommy. She hasn't been paying much attention to me lately... its all about her foster kittens! Kitten this, kitten that - ugh! you'd think there was nothin in life outsidda these kittens!

On top of doting on kittens, she set up a blockade at the bottom of the steps so that no kittens could pass. Well it works for blocking Nicki's too. Hmph. What does she expect me to do? nose it open myself? I prefer the whine and wimper method. that usually gets 'em to open it for me.

The only time she pays me ANY attention is when I'm licking my hot spot. Can I help it if I itch? Here's a new photo of me. Mommy took it right after she yelled at me about licking... I wasn't licking! I swear! But mommy said you can tell what I was 'thinking' because of where my back paw was. Yeah, she thinks she's so smart. So what if I WAS going to start licking, she yelled at me for licking! and I wasn't licking -yet.

PS: Here's a picture of that gate I was tellin' you about. Mommy swears that since its hinged like a door I should be able to swing past it like I get every other door open. I don't THINK so... its in a place it shouldn't be and I'm not so sure its a good thing. I don't trust it.

With much love,
Miss Nicki