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Thread: Freckles Pet Portrait

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    Freckles Pet Portrait

    A pet portrait of Freckles the rabbit She looked like an interesting pet to draw, so that's what I did!

    "Catch The Moment" Pet Portraits:
    -- Ariel
    "Catch The Moment" Pet portraits:

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    That's beautiful and so is Freckles! Share it with everyone in Pets General so everyone can see it This forum is for posting congrats to the Pet of the Day Welcome to Pet Talk!

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    WoW! Very nice! I <3 it!
    I saw in your Example Image Gallery that Rabbit is listed as a Rodent, a rabbit is not a rodent it's a lagomorph! It is in the same group as hares and pikas. A rabbit is more related to a deer than a guinea pig,rat or mouse!

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    o btw! Welcome to PT!

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    That's a beautiful drawing... well done!

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    rabbits arent rodents

    yes i know, I just wasn't sure where to put it. Maybe I should put it in the Misc gallery instead?
    -- Ariel
    "Catch The Moment" Pet portraits:

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    Wow! that is great. I tried to draw my little Eeyore once....come to find out I don't have any artistic talent! Thats just beautiful

    Thank you so much Kay for this great Sig!!

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