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Thread: save more cats!

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    save more cats!

    Did you know that people save more dogs than cats? I think people should start saving more cats!!!

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    Hey, some people like dogs, some cats, they save what they want and like, can't help them! Everyones taste is different you know!

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    Every life is precious and every effort should be made to save them - big or small.

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    The problem is in the difference between the nature of the dog and the cat.

    Actually, there are more cats in homes than dogs (US only statistic, I don't know about the rest of the world). BUT....

    Dogs generally go into heat only once or twice a year. Cats generally never go out of heat until spayed or bred.

    Although dogs are certainly notorious for getting out, a cat in heat, or a randy tom looking for a cat in heat, can escape confinement much more easily.

    Few dogs are left to roam, most are confined in some manner or another. Only strictly indooor cats are confined. (And the type person who would not spay or neuter is not generally the type that would keep the cat indoors only).

    Stray dogs are less self-sufficient than cats, and are either captured and euthanized or killed pretty quickly. Cats can roam for years.

    So, we are doing our best to keep all those puppers and kitties (and buns etc...) out of the shelters but cats are disadvantaged from the start. The FIRST step is to spay and neuter. Adoption is the clean-up when the first step was not done.

    Thanks, L4C, for bringing this to our attention. Even on a petlover's board, it always bears repeating, becuase we never know who may be lurking!

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    I'm trying to help those (cats & dogs)
    that happen to wander into the neighborhood
    and are obviously in need of food,shelter
    or a kind word from a human being..
    A white long haired cat showed up about
    1 1/2 weeks ago and I have been feeding him
    and trying to get him to trust me enough to
    get close so I can check out his general
    health.He has several 'marks' across his
    nose and generaly acts pretty beat up &
    tired of life. I'm pretty sure it is the
    same 'pure white ,beautifully clean' cat
    that was brought into the neighborhood
    about 2 yrs ago by new neighbors.He was once
    accepted by my outdoor cat (Momma Kitty)
    who sleeps in my garage, but now she does
    not allow him into the garage (food & shelter). I've been feeding him on my front porch both dry & wet food and he gobbles it
    up. I've put out a 'chair pillow' on a
    porch chair where he can sleep in the
    afternoon sun and stay somewhat warm but
    it's getting very cold at night, and I must
    make a decision soon to trap & bring to the
    vet for a check up & try to work him into
    the garage for shelter or keep feeding him
    were he is and hope for the best.
    My Momma kitty accepted him once, but he
    does not act as confident as he once was
    & also needs to be cleaned up.
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    Well guess what? The long haired white cat
    started to answer me with a 'meow' whenever
    I talked to him & has stopped running away
    from me outside. If fact, he's following
    me everywhere I go when I'm outside & he's
    just talking up a storm. He's even wanting
    to be petted. Definately not a feral!
    I can now see clearly that he has several
    deep scratches on his chest & one fresh
    scratch on his face.He's going to the vets
    Monday morning to be neutered & have doc
    look at & treat his wounds.
    He treats Momma kitty with great deference
    & she's relenting a little bit.He's now
    out of the weather & sleeps inside the garage overnight. He's picked out a box
    that's full of old clothes & spends most of his time just eating or sleeping.
    I think I've just got another cat...
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    Congrats lizbud,

    I once saw an all white cat that looked like a twin for Lamoni. I fell for him. Too cute.

    What color are your new baby's eyes? Hope everything goes okay at the vets.

    Charles Kincaid

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    Thanks Big Charles,
    His eyes seem to change color according to
    the light.At first they looked a pale blue color, but this morning they look hazel
    colored. The scratches on his chest did not
    look quite as red, but I'm sure he needs to
    be fully looked over by the vet.I've been
    watching Momma Kitty's reactions when I'm around them both, and while she will not
    'touch noses' with him, she seems much more
    at ease. I would never try to keep another
    kitty if it stressed Momma Kitty to much,
    no matter how much I loved it.Momma has been
    with me now for about six years & I promised
    her a home & love for the rest of her life.
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    Hello Lizbud!I am glad to hear about those good signs. I know it isnīt over yet (Momma Kitty needs to get used to a new pal!!) but Iīm sure youīll manage to make them get on well with each other, with a little patience, of course! And I hope youīll receive good news from the vet... Will you keep us updated??
    I know how sad is to find cats on the streets that you know they once belonged to a household. Theyīre not prepared for the life in the streets and must suffer a lot, discovering they canīt trust humans anymore and fighting other cats Abandoning pets is a most horrible thing to do, I canīt understand how can someone do that, but, anyway, they keep on doing it, so letīs not waste time trying to understand and go for saving all we can instead! Thank you for being so caring!


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    Building a cat house in your backyard

    In our backyard, we have had several stray cats, one neutered male is still living there. When we moved in 8 years ago, he was sleeping in an old pram someone had left.

    A few of us decided to build houses for them. We got some Polystyrene boxes from the grocery which had contained vegetables and we taped two together. We cut a hole in one end (along the lenght of the box, to avoid the wind going through), then we covered the box in thick plastic - also taped on with good strong tape and put some old blankets in. The cats immediately moved in and has been there ever since. As you can imagine, it can get pretty cold in Denmark in the winter, but now, they're not freezing their paws and ears off. It will probably be a good idea to choose some plastic which blend in with the background color.

    We also take turns feeding them - about the same time every evening, after the birds have gone to rest, otherwise they will steal the food.

    This may be an idea for other catlovers - itīs certainly a cheap solution and quite easy to do- and best of all THE CATS LOVE IT!

    Good luck!

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    Well, I dropped off the white kitty at the Vets yesterday
    after work & he had his surgery this morning. The Vet called
    me at work after he had been put under to tell me that there
    were some complications. Kitty had to have two claws removed,
    one from each hind paw. One nail had been broken off at the base & the other was torn away from the paw and had become
    infected. The vet is giving him antibiotics & will be keeping him
    overnight to recoup a little till I can bring him home tomorrow.
    I could clearly see the scratches on the kitty, but had no idea
    about his paws. I just called the Vets, and they said he was
    resting comfortably. Guess I better start thinking about a name
    for the little guy...

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    I went to pick up my kitty today, but the vet wanted
    me to leave him at the clinic overnight again. The vet
    was very concerned about the site of the "declawing"
    on two toes on his hind feet becoming infected. They
    have given Sugar(my name for him), two baths & a flea
    treatment He looks Beautiful!! He could be a show cat
    he's so handsome. Beautiful ,totally white ,long hair !!
    I have a different vet for the cats than I do for my dog.
    The Kitty's vet works with local groups who take in both
    stray & feral cats, if you pay for their neuter/spay and
    FIV/ FLV testing. I get the feeling that this vet has
    taken a special interest in this cat b/c he loves white
    cats, everyone at the clinic kept saying what a
    "Sweetie-pie" he is.... I really want Sugar to be an
    indoor only cat so he never has to go through this
    again, but I cannot keep him as an indoor cat.(4 is my limit)
    for the size house I have. He could stay in my garage with
    Momma Kitty & I would feed and care for him , but I fear
    for his safty outdoors. If the vet can find him a 'indoor'
    home, I would let him go for his own good.

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    The white kitty, Sugar, came back home with me
    on Friday (1-18-02). The vet sent antibiotics home
    with him(Amoxicillin) liquid. Sugar already looks a lot
    better than he used to. He is very affectionate with
    me but was totally freaked out by everything inside
    the house.The tv,radio, furnace going on & off. and
    of course, my other cats. They are living in separate
    areas of the house for now and I really don't think
    they all will be happy campers ever. I want to keep him
    indoors at least until he finishes his RX. He's shown some
    progress getting accustomed to the house noises,
    including the DOG.(Hates the DOG). Anyway in refreshing
    my memory about how to go about cat introductions. I
    found this site called,

    It is an excellent bit of advice for anyone interested
    in thinking about bring in a new addition to a cat household.

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    {{{Lizbud, Sugar, rest of the fur babies}}},

    Thanks for the progress report. Poor guy sounds a little traumatized... Hope things work out for you. Hang in there. I'm sure your goal of keeping him until the medicine takes effect will do him a world of good. (Much luck surviving that long. ) You're a good pet mommy!
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    Congratulations Lizbud! I think you have handled the situation very well. I can tell you really care! So, now is the time for patience. It's very difficult to keep an outdoor cat inside, but you will be able to, after a while.

    When we first got Fister indoors, he wanted to go out all the time (his mum was still in the backyard) and we let him out, but he kept coming back and stayed for longer and longer at a time and now he hardly ever goes out. It has taken us 4 years and a lot of patience, but we love him!

    Had a look a the site - it's sounds like they know what they're talking about You can do it!!

    Good luck! Please let us know how you're getting on.

    "I don't know which weapons will be used in the third World war, but in the fourth, it will be sticks and stones" --- Albert Einstein.

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