Yesterday I was talking on the phone with Robyn (Christiansmommy). She had to go answer the door and put the phone down. I heard Dale barking in the background and put the phone next to Bella's ear. She had been sitting next to me on the sofa and when she heard Dale bark she ran away over to the recliner with her tailed tucked down! LOL! Then I put the phone next to Ripley's ear and he jumped backwards and got the funniest look on his face! LOL!

I don't think they recognized it as Dale barking because usually when he visits he has no need to bark. I wonder who they think he was! When I go for a walk with Bella and Ripley and we pass barking dogs behind a fence Bella's tail goes down and Ripley looks like "bring it on!" Obviously he has no idea of his size when related to some of the dogs we pass. How about your dogs? Anyone else have a wimp?