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Thread: my rabbits!:D

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    my rabbits!:D

    Yeah sure you've seen pics of the babies but what about Spice,Hershey & Oreo! Sure babies are cute and cuddley but so are full grown rabbits! So here they are:

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    Here you can see how she has blue in her eyes sometimes



    Sitting there

    Hello Camera!

    Falling asleep

    Lazing around after stuffing her face!

    Trying to get to me

    Looking for a treat

    AWW!look at that kissable mouth!I love you Spicey!

    POTD pic
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    Sticking out his tounge!

    BAD Hershey! That stuff could hurt you!

    Jumping off the bed

    Hot day

    Itchy cutie!

    Plotting on next bad thing to do

    "Hello! NOW GIVE ME A TREAT!"

    "Z-Z-Z!" SHHHHH he's sleeping!

    Hershey still hasn't got POTD! Hopefully the day shall come soon!
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    Marking her scent

    Scared Oreo, when we first got her

    Standing....well about too!


    Relaxing after breeding with Cinnamon

    Skinny,nervous Oreo, a few days after we got her

    "What are you looking at!?"


    AWW wook at her wittle pink mouth!

    "AHH!Help the babies are after me!"

    I seriously think Oreo is the new Happy Bunny(ever seen the little colorful bunny saying rude comments?" well just look at Oreo in every pic it seems like she's saying "It's all about me deal with it!"
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    Cinnamon & Hershey!Father & son! How cute!

    "Get back here so I can bite you!" Spice & Oreo(Spice still holding a grudge)

    "What's in there?" Spice & Hershey,double trouble!

    Spice sniffing....or trying to bite Oreo *rolls eyes*

    Bling Bling! (sorry had a spazz)

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    Aww... I love all your rabbits, they're adorable. They all look very healthy and well loved. Thanks for posting the pics!

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    Your rabbits are so cute. And great captions. I love looking at bunny pictures. Thanks for posting!

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