I was so happy when I was able to install Juno again and post on PT.

Now I'm totally fed up with Juno. Why you ask??? Well, because now everytime I sign on, the little "You are logged on" box doesn't go away once I'm logged on. It is VERY annoying. It sits smack dab in the middle of my screen. I have to kind of move it around if I want to read something.

I've tried emailing Juno and they give this all this 6ullshit technical stuff. I cannot get a live person on the phone to walk me through it. If I want to talk to a live technical support person, I'm charged $1.95/minute!!! I'm read to tell them to take their internet and shove it. I know I'm only paying $14.95/month, but I think I'm entitled to a live human to help me with this problem.

Can anyone here help me get rid of this freaking box? I am at my wits end!!!!